26 Wedding Memes That Totally Get What You’re Going Through

wedding seating chart meme
If we take Aunt Betty’s seat and divide it by Cousin Larry, the result is 3.14 seats!

The months (or years) you spend planning your wedding can be fun, weird, stressful, and honestly a bit scary. How often are you paying THIS much money for one day?! That’s why it can be important to laugh as much as you can, and nobody understands that more than other couples who have planned a wedding and can completely relate! And who can’t relate to a good meme? This collection of wedding memes totally captures the mood you have when planning your wedding, while being hilariously accurate. Hopefully they’ll give you a few minutes of laughter to remember that this is supposed to be FUN. (*She says while crying*)

kids wedding meme
No, seriously. There’s no kids allowed.
Wedding Memes Brace Yurself
Brace your wallet, too!
Wedding Memes Buffet Open
Last one there’s a rotten egg!
Wedding Memes Compromise
His and Hers
The invite is NOT in the mail
Wedding Memes Get Off Pinterest
But it’s so fun!
Wedding Memes Hapiest Moments
This tracks.
Wedding Memes I am Fine
Nothing to see here, folks
Wedding Memes Let's Get Drunk
At least you’ll forget for a few hours
Wedding Memes Let's Spend Money
Sounds like a good plan!
proposal at a wedding meme
This trend needs to stop
Wedding Memes My Mum Disagree
Is that the dress you’re thinking of? Really?
Wedding Memes Planning Wedding
When everybody gets on your last nerve
pizza wedding cake meme
The best part is you can probably get it delivered via DoorDash
Wedding Memes Vows
Tell me what part of this ISN’T true
pinterest wedding meme
A girl can dream
lord of the rings wedding meme
You should only talk about wedding plans using a Gollum voice
wedding cake meme
You can have your cake and eat 1,056 slices, too!
Just tell them you “unsubscribe”
groom aisle meme
Take five, Dave
friend wedding photographer meme
We’d make a joke here but this really happens. Don’t hire a friend to be your wedding photographer.
taylor swift wedding meme
I’m the problem, it’s me
diy wedding meme
Just say “No” to crazy DIYs
cake tasting wedding meme
“Was that the vanilla or chocolate? I can’t remember!”
Wedding Memes What She Wants
This works for us!

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