These Tips Will Help You Give the Best Maid of Honor Speech Ever

Being chosen as a bride’s Maid of Honor is a huge, well, honor! If you’re standing up next to your sister or best friend, it means you’re the most important woman in their life, and they want you by their side in a special way on their wedding day.

The Maid of Honor has plenty of responsibilities, from holding the bride’s bouquet to signing the marriage certificate to helping her bustle her gown. But one of the most nerve-wracking is definitely the Maid of Honor speech.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you give a flawless Maid of Honor speech that will entertain the audience and let the bride know just how special she is to you—without any awkward moments!

1. If you’re nervous, keep it simple.

You may want to have the Best Maid of Honor Speech Ever, but honestly, the speech isn’t about how witty you are! Keeping the speech short and simple (around three to four minutes) will keep the night flowing smoothly and leave less room for error.

2. Introduce yourself and explain how you met the bride.

Guests want to hear if you’ve been BFFs since kindergarten or if you’re cousins who grew up down the street. Talk about why she’s such an amazing friend and how lucky you feel to be standing beside her. This can be as sentimental or silly as you make it, depending on you and the bride’s personalities, but remember that sweet never fails while attempts at humor can occasionally fall flat.

3. Exes Are Off Limits

You may find stories about the bride’s ex-boyfriends hilarious, but the Maid of Honor speech is not the time or place to bring them up. Save your jokes for the bachelorette party, where the bride’s embarrassment is up for grabs! Nobody wants to be reminded of their or their spouse’s ex’s on their wedding day.

4. Don’t talk all about how great the bride is and forget about the groom.

Make sure to let the groom know how happy you are the bride found the love of her life. Maybe tell a story about how you met him and what your first impressions were.

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5. Think about what makes the bride and groom perfect for each other and share your insight.

You know the bride better than almost anyone in the room, so you know what she loves about her man! Are they both pranksters who are always playing tricks on each other? Movie buffs who argue for hours about classic film? Is she shy, and he pulls her out of her comfort zone? Is he tough, and she brings out his sensitive side? Share why you think they’re perfect for each other.

6. A gentle joke or two can be great if placed correctly.

Maybe make a small joke about how the bride used to say she wanted 10 kids, or how the groom was so nervous on their first date he spilled his drink. Just make sure the humor is light and grandma-appropriate.

maid of honor speech

7. Use Quotes

Throw in a quote that’s personal to the bride, like something from her favorite book or movie. There are hundreds of quotes about love to choose from—it’s not hard to pick one and weave it into the couple’s narrative.

8. Practice, practice, practice.

Writing the speech after the rehearsal dinner is a foolproof way to feel super nervous the next day! Practice reading out loud in front of a mirror or a trusted friend; things can often sound much different read aloud than they seem written down. It will help with pacing and your tone.

9. Give Thanks

Thank everyone for coming and express your gratitude for the bride’s and groom’s parents, as well as any other guests of honor like grandparents or siblings who have traveled a far way.

10. Don’t forget to toast at the end!

Your speech should end with “Now let’s raise a glass to the happy couple—to the bride and groom!” Then raise your glass, take a sip, and relax—your duties are complete.

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