10 Bachelorette Party Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

bachelorette party ideas
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From staycations in your city to destination bachelorette parties, this rite of passage for brides-to-be should be an event she’ll never forget. But planning a memorable weekend doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. Some of our favorite bachelorette party ideas can be done right in your very own (metaphorical) backyard.

1. The Floral Design Class

For a great local idea, get the girls together for a day of fresh flowers and wine. Many towns offer floral design classes where experts will invite you to their studio or come to a location of your choosing to teach you how to create your own flower arrangements. Each girl will walk away with a new skill, and a beautiful compilation of flowers (you could even create looks that can be replicated for the wedding day!)

2. The Co-ed Game Day

Contrary to popular belief you CAN actually plan a concurrent bachelor and bachelorette party. If both the bride and groom have the same group of friends, gather everyone together and get a wild and crazy day at the game going. You can set up a tailgate with delicious food and drinks until it’s time for the game where you can sit as a group and cheer on your team.

3. The Afternoon Tea

If the bride is the glam girl, we suggest scheduling a day of chic activities. This could include going to your favorite hotel or restaurant that offers a traditional afternoon tea. After that, head to a lingerie shop like Journelle, which offers their space for private events. And when you’re done shopping, hop on over for a specialty experience at a location like Fragrance Shop New York where you can actually mix and match your own scent.

4. The VRBO Vacation

If the bride has dreamed of a bachelorette party out-of-town, we recommend renting a vacation home for the weekend for all the girls. Not only is it WAY more affordable than booking hotel rooms, but it’s nice for everyone to be able to stay together with the bride. Quick jaunts from major cities like Malibu, the Hamptons, or the Berkshires have a ton of beautiful homes to choose from for your stay. You can plan affordable activities like game nights, and you’ll save money on meals since you can eat at the house. Just make sure to plan a trip to the local bar so you can all rage like a true bachelorette!

5. The Local Wine Tour

Local wineries love the chance to invite customers into their tasting rooms. Many tastings are free, but some require a small fee to experience the property. In any case, we think gathering the group of girls for a day of winery visits is a budget-friendly bachelorette party any bride would love. We advise hiring private transportation to take you from place to place, so that everyone can really have a great time.

6. The Workout Class

Bachelorette parties these days are booking up private classes at workout studios like SoulCycle and Pure Barre. It’s the perfect option for the group of girls that works out regularly and wants a daytime activity. To make it extra fun buy a set of Bride and Bride Squad t-shirts and sunglasses, just so everyone knows you’re really there for a bachelorette party.

7. The Craft Party

Are most of the girls DIY fanatics constantly looking for their next project? Make a day of it! Head to the local flea market and score some great finds – like old desks or side tables. Then gather everyone up at an outdoor space for a day of DIY. You can even have an expert on hand for professional assistance with the pieces.

8. The Charity Day

If your bride is a philanthropist, why not get involved in a great cause for the day, such as a pet adoption center. Everyone can feel good knowing that they’re lending a helping hand AND get a major dose of cuteness in return.

9. The Staycation

Do you live in a major city but hardly take advantage of what it has to offer? This option may be perfect for your bachelorette party. Consider renting an apartment or townhouse, and exploring the city in a way you rarely do. You can visit local museums, take cooking classes, and party at clubs you wouldn’t otherwise go to. You’ll feel like you’re far away, even if you’re just on the other side of town.

10. The Pottery Class

For another fun yet low-key idea, we suggest booking a pottery class at a local studio. The group can choose to paint the same object (such as vases for the wedding!) or each can select their own. Many studios offer private group classes as well (and bonus points if you can bring in your own wine!).

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