10 of the Best Bridal Shower Games You’ve Ever Played

Fun bridal shower games are one of THE best parts of the celebration, be it a tea, brunch, or even a champagne lunch. They’re a way to lighten up the mood, especially when you have a mix of attendees who have most likely never met each other before. No matter your age, bridal shower games also offer a great opportunity to get to know the bride and groom even more by quizzing them with fun, old-school pick like “he said she said” and “guess the groom,” which is an especially fun option for co-ed events.

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This list of 10 bridal shower games from Aisle Perfect, below, explains the premise of each game and what you’ll need to play. The beauty of most of these bridal shower games is that they don’t require a of supplies, so if you’re the one planning the party OR you’re the bride sending over suggestions, each of these is a budget-friendly way to add entertainment to the event. Just be sure to connect with the couple or their parents prior to the event to make sure you have everything you need, especially photos or other memorabilia that might take a while to track down.

Do you have any other unique ideas for bridal shower games? Let us know what they are in the comments section, below!

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