10 Totally Perfect Bachelorette Party Ideas

Photo by Lovely Valentine
Photo by Lovely Valentine

Hoping to host a bachelorette party the bride will remember forever, without all those cliches? We’ve got you covered. These ten bachelorette party ideas will ensure your friend has the time of her life, whatever her personality is.

Indulge in a spa weekend

Head to a luxury spa resort or a wellness retreat for a few days of pampering. Sip champagne (or green juice), get massages and facials, take a yoga class, and catch up on girl talk. While it’s a far cry from traditional crazy bachelorette parties, a relaxing getaway could be just what the bride needs. If your party can’t take the time off you can get the same benefits at a day spa.


Sip and savor

Spend a day or weekend in wine country learning about the wine-making process and testing your palate. In areas with several vineyards there are often bus tours that will take you from winery to winery so you don’t have to worry about driving. Sip familiar and new varietals and nibble on cheeses and other food pairings while gazing at beautiful vistas of rolling hills and rows of vines. Many vineyards also feature lodging that can tailor to bachelorette parties with luxury rooms, massages, and other perks.

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Sing your heart out

Spend a night belting out Beyonce or lip syncing to your favorite hits of yore. Karaoke bars are always a good time, whether you’re watching future stars or cringing at bad performances. Ready your camera, sip some cocktails, and grab the mike. Actual singing ability is optional.


Go Boating

If you live near the water, rent a sailboat, catamaran, or yacht for the day. Nothing says ‘carefree’ like the open sea and a warm breeze (so long as you hire a captain or have a friend with a boat license). Pack the makings for beachy cocktails, create a stellar playlist, slather on the sunblock, and you’re set. Whether you’re playing party games, dancing, or relaxing with a cocktail on deck, the bride is sure to appreciate the mini getaway. Looking for something more cost-effective? Rent a canoe, kayak or river raft for an equally fun day on the water.


Laugh until you cry at a Comedy Club

Stand-up comedy or improv shows make great bachelorette party options (we are a big fan of the Upright Citizens Brigade, pictured above). Let the club know ahead of time that you’re celebrating and ask for a front-row table so the bride is sure to be called on for an improv skit or to be (hopefully not too brutally) made fun of by the headliner.

Photo by Chrystal Cienfuegos Photography
Photo by Chrystal Cienfuegos Photography

Gossip over high tea

A Victorian-style tea party is perfect if your friend is a girly girl who loves all things pretty and miniature. Lace doilies, hand painted porcelain teacups, and bite size treats will make you feel like royalty, especially if you book with a luxury hotel tearoom. You can also host the tea party at your house. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest for getting your petit fours just right, and you could have guests paint their own teacups if your friends are a DIY crowd. Check out our favorite Bridal Shower Foods Ideas here for even more inspiration.


Unwind in the great outdoors

If the bride is a fan of outdoor adventure, a camping trip could make the perfect party. What’s more fun than cooking s’mores by the fire and laughing over boyfriends past? Sleeping under the stars is a tranquil way to unwind from wedding planning, and you might even get lucky and have sketchy cell service so the bride can forget about to-do lists and her phone. Not a fan of the sleeping in a tent? Go glamping at a rustic resort instead.


Host a slumber party

Remember in high school when you would spend weekends at your friends’ houses with junk food and a stack of DVDs? That’s still just as fun now, only you’ve upgraded to wine and Netflix. Host a slumber party where guests can hang out in their PJs, play games, share stories about the bride, and watch The Notebook for the hundredth time.

Photo via Step Into Salsa NY at Pearl Studios in NYC
Photo via Step Into Salsa NY at Pearl Studios in NYC

Dance the night away

Spice up your night by taking a salsa or samba class, then head out to a local salsa club to show off your new skills. Or if the bride isn’t into classes, pick a decade of music she loves and find a club that specializes in it. Think 90s night or a disco bar. Dress up in clothes from that era (remember flared jeans? Get them out of storage STAT), and whether you’re dancing away to Michael Jackson or N*SYNC, make sure to take lots of photos.


Head to paradise

If the wedding party has the time and money, a tropical getaway is a great way to relax, get a tan before the wedding, and create travel memories that will last forever. There are often cheap flights to Mexico and the Caribbean from the US, so you can be sitting beach side at a tiki bar in a matter of hours. Whether you try your hands at water sports or spend your days lying on the beach, there’s nothing like a tropical paradise to make the bride forget the stress of wedding planning back home.

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